Meet our Board of Directors and Advisors

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Our Officers

In addition to his primary focus towards establishment and fulfillment of the programs and missions of Cancer Hope Foundation, our Founder and President, Christopher Roos*, Ed.D., has been a professor of ethics with California State University Channel Islands and he presently directs Dal/Lyn International, Inc., an aerospace and commercial fastener distributor. Christopher has a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and has been a camp director for Camp Keepsake since its inception. Dr. Roos has always possessed a strong heartfelt desire to help people in numerous aspects of life as exhibited with his active involvement in various philanthropic activities.

Our Vice President, Joanne Ferguson-Wotawa, is a real estate agent who has been in the banking, financial, and lending industry for over 20 years. She has served on the Cancer Hope Foundation board since 2010. Joanne’s specialty is fundraising and she enjoys doing volunteer work for various organizations throughout Ventura County. She lives in Moorpark with her husband and sons.

Our Secretary, Sara Allen, has a background in human resources and recruiting. She has been an integral Camp Keepsake volunteer for over eight years and has served as coordinator for various CHF fundraisers.

Our Treasurer, Steve McCormick, holds a managerial position with Anthem/Blue Cross.

Additional Board Directors
Judy Bennis, Thomas Carnes*, Jary Danible, Carmine Manicone*, John O’Weger, David Pardo (In Memoriam), Lynn Peraza, Celeste Radocchia*, Jenna Raives, Nancy Spear, and Mark Wilkinson
*Indicates Founding Board Member


Auxiliary Council

Donna Araluce, Pam Chasse, Dan Coutts, Renee Crouch, Steven Crouch, Mike DeLeo, John Ferguson, Christian Fuess, Lisa Guiteras, Jenny Harris, Andrea Howard, Dawn Howard, Jenee O’Dell, Nan Phillips, Tricia Roos, Stacy Rothberg, Joe Seoane, and Jocelyn Sway.

additional Key Advisors

Counsel:  Susan L. Windsor, Attorney at Law
Medical Advisor:  Dr. Debbie Weinstein